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Become a Pre-Qualified Bidder

There are two ways of bidding on bid requests for Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas and Pulaski County Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat. 1. Bid individually on open bid requests. To respond to individual bid requests, you will need to provide all requested paperwork and follow all instructions in the bid request. Open bid requests are listed on this page and you may sign up to be notified when new bid requests are posted. Please note that you DO NOT automatically become a Pre-Qualified Bidder by submitting documents with a bid response. You MUST fill out the Pre-Qualified Bidder Application and return it separate from a bid response. 2. Become a Pre-Qualified Bidder. This means that you fill out a Pre-Qualified Bidder Application, including paperwork and certifications, in advance of responding to bids. Once you become a Pre-Qualified Bidder, you will need to re-qualify each calendar year. For each year you qualify, you will not have to submit the following documents with bid responses unless something has changed:

  1. Contractor Application
  2. Federal Certifications
  3. Insurance certificates
  4. Business and trade licenses
  5. W9
Pre-Qualified Bidder Application and Documents DOWNLOAD THE FULL PRE-QUALIFIED BIDDER APPLICATION HERE, or you can check out each individual form below, including samples of completed documents. Note: ALL documents are required in order to be considered as a Pre-Qualified Bidder.

Be Notified When New Bids are Posted

To be notified about bids when they are posted, please complete the following form. Please note that we are not able to notify based on area of work, so you will be notified of all bids when they are posted. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at or 501-376-4434.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the Bidding Process for Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas and the Pulaski County Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat.